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Tea seems to like venting via IM. It is very effortless to listen to her there, because I can leave the window open in the background and type an occasional brief response to her unending rants. Two weeks ago, she told me she perceives fat. I attempted to assure her that she is hot as can be, but she was obsessed with her fear. She even called me crazy for suggesting I was more out of form because of spending so much time in front of a computer at my job and at home (especially when I browse naturist, talk to Tea, or work on my own site). I eventually suggested we work out together in the evenings, and two days into week one and she was attempting to talk me out of going. It was snowing bad the other day, and she twisted my arm a bit and suggeted we suspend at her folks place and take some pics. Why does she have this power over me?

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