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We luved reading the many comments posted to our very first contribution, thanks. It was amusing to read the "where's the twat shots" messages. Akasha has shown a lot more than that over the years, we also like classy and think that has a place here too. Some of the sexiest photos we have voted for are almost clothed, some aren't, we will proceed to post whatever we sense like regardless. So, if you don't like our fare, budge on, we do..... It was also supreme to see the comments from the Lit and Oz crews........Ty! This is an assortment picked from the 8000 pictures we have, I hope you love viewing them almost as much as we did taking them.

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After the excitement on the Colorado Sea last year. The group determined to get together again for a joy weekend. After lots of sunshine, drinking, and general carousing, we determined to take some photos. WyoRae and Giselle determined they wished to get Giselle's Hubby, G-Man, involved in a Sexy Jeans contribution. Well with the sun setting, it was brilliant natural lighting for Rainbyrd to do his thing and capture some excellent photos. The activity on the weekend was hot, so the choices of photos tame enough for voy-zone was pretty limited. Well, I hope you love these and please leave a comment, the ladies love to read them.

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