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Nikki -Spring Flowers- - Hi Kate, Jerry, Asher, Blue, squad, contributors, and fans! Its ultimately warm outside!!!You guys know how I love the contests here on naturist so I was pretty disappointed to have missed the ?Sexy Spring Outfit? theme in econtri. It was a unusual year here in So Cal and it just stopped raining. I wished to go out and shoot fresh pics for the contest but sans fail every weekend for as lengthy as I can reminisce its rained. So the contest came and went, and I missed out. The very first warm weekend of the season is always joy and this year was no different except I had to wait for May for it to happen. As briefly as it gets warm after no sun for a while the skimpy clothes come out and everyone wants to be outside. I was no exception so with a lil' little microskirt on and an effortless to drop top I was out to be flirty and soak up some sun. I spent my weekend out people watching and running around the beaches in my convertible. In my wanders I found this supreme courtyard total of fresh flowers and thought it would be brilliant for some sexy spring pictures! I hope you love my very first taste of spring. Im so glad the sun is back out! Love ya, Nikki ;)~

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*Gg Sixty nine Rv Style - Hi RV'rs!! And of course everybody else too! I've been having geysers of joy lately, in and out of the RV! All I know is I did a shoot with an actual pornstar! Oh my was she fun! I have no idea if i'll ever get to see it but it was fun! Here's some more news for ya. The PervRV Christmas Soiree is this Wed night at 8 Central. And I of course revved it into a three hour webcam show!! A bunch of dolls are cumming...literally, you'll be there too, right? Sin and I are indeed kicking off to get into it now, we commence to Sixty-nine each other. I think I eat beaver nicer than she does, guess we nicer have a contest! See ya Wednsday!! Zee

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