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Hi Kate, Jerry, Asher, Sailor, Voyette and voy-zonebers. Thanks for the wonderful response to my pictures on the rocks. Sailor you were too kind... I owe you a big smooch next time we see one another! We have some more pictures on the rocks for you but we thought we would send this set from vacation very first. We indeed liked how the water and fabric worked together. We hope you do as well. For those of you who didn't like the shadows on the last set,you'll be glad to know we used pack flash in thisset. I may not be entirely nude in these photos but I think there is little left unknown. In the end we think these are almost sexier than if you could indeed see it all, what do you think? Kate, we know you like the see thru ;) There are actually Three parts to this series. We look forward to your feedback. P.S. If you notice a little crimson under my bottom lip it's from what J & I were doing before we took these pics ;) Lip liner wipes, you understand...maybe those pics will find their way to nudistsoon. Smooches,

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I love sending in these contris, but I don't truly like the "sleepy girl" tag, guess I need a fresh one. It embarked because some of my very first shots are of me on the couch. But now I like doing PICS in fresh garments like this buster Tom got me for my bday. Hey if I gotta turn 45 I might as well have something nice to wear and it gives us a chance to use the digital camera. We indeed like hearing from you all. Its nice to hear from so many femmes and I even got some from other countries too. That's pretty titillating to me. Hope you all love these, there will be more notably if the Raiders can keep winning. LOL

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