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I'm just kicking off to get heated up, and my voy-zone debut is still yet to come. Don't worry, I'm getting around to your requests, those members who sent them in. My mailbox has been entirely utter so if I don't react to you today, I will briefly, that's a promise. Don't let my delay stop you from sending in those requests. C.W. I know I told you that we're friends, but I'm not wearing a s-girl outfit...that shit is tacky! If you request that again, I'm not posting anymore...j/k. I hope you all love these, the more xxx pics are coming next in nudistI promise. Oh yeah, I'm also thinking of embarking my own site. But whether I do or not depends on your votes. Tell me what you think? non-members, I still read your comments. do you think people would join if I begin my own site? It's not worth it if they don't! Let me know...I'm all ears.

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Hi Kate, Jerry, Sailor Asher and crew! And hi again to all of you who proceed to visit my contris! I wish each and everyone of you a blessed and prosperous Fresh Year! One of my little quirks in life is the fact that as much as I love fucky-fucky, and as good as my hookup life is, I have never got to a point where I love romp in the morning. It just isn't my thing. When I wake up I want to brush my teeth, and get a bathroom. Afternoons on the other arm I tend to get going rather lightly. Most of the time I'm at work and there isn't much I can do about it, but on weekends when I have the building to myself, I can sundress sexy and just get lost in the moment, or a good book, while soaking up the winter sun under one of our big front windows. Jme has caught me masturbating in my fave tabouret more than a few times. Hehe!! One of those incidents was the idea behind this contri. For those of you who think I am too taunting in my contris, I want to say sorry. Attempt to reminisce that we contributors have rules we have to go after too. Lots of times when we contribute a few pictures that are deemed "too hot for nudist" get dropped from our contris. We don't find out until the contri posts, unless the entire thing gets bumped to voy-zone. Sometimes if the contri is a striptease loss of the "climax" picture means the contri just finishes up being a taunt. With that in mind I have attempted to crop the pics in this contri enough to get them posted. I wish there was another way. I do keep attempting. You can see all of the missing pics, and more than can fit in a single contri at my site. Just go after the link. Love, Nikki ;)~

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