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Thirdnew contribution of my lady, Cecillia. We have loved voy-zone and voy-zone. At the end of February we made our very first contis to voy-zone.We were dazed with the mostly positive comments. We will have a number of postings on voy-zone in the weeks to come. Cecillia is 25 years old and a mom of a Four year old. She is a classy, sassy and wonderful sexy lady. She has agreed to contribute due to the wonderful responses. She truly luvs modeling and making love. ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS; 1) YES HER NAME HAS TWO "L's" NOT ONE "L", 2) SHE IS FROM COLOMBIA, 3)SHE HASLIVED IN COLOMBIA, EUROPE AND SOUTHERN FLORIDA 4) YES, SHE HAD A "C-SECTION", 5) YES, SHE HAS DONE Pro MODELING FOR VARIOUS CLOTHING LINESIN EUROPE, SO YOU MAY HAVE SEEN HER IN MAGAZINES IF YOU HAVE BEEN TO EUROPE OR SOUTH AMERICA. Your positive comments will be welcomed. GRACIAS

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THANK YOU Kate and all naturist staff and surfers for such nice comments on my prior contris! This is only my 2nd posting to RC, the very first one was over Two years ago!!! I realizethis is mild for nudistso be nice. This photo set is dedicated to Mick, a.k.a. Eeyorsstable, who has begged on forearms and knees for me to trim my landing disrobe. Well, I’m game to attempt most anything at least once.What the heck, I determined if I didn't like it bald, I could always let it grow back. Of course, we took pictures to document the entire process and I even got Hubby to help.*wink * But don’t hope any more close-ups for a while, I sense kinda TOO naked. LOL!! Now that I've attempted all three, I think I choose it neatly trimmed so my plans are to growthe landing stripback -- so that's what I'll be wearing thissummer.But what do you think? Which is better: utter pubic hair, neatly trimmed or bald? I personally react to all comments if you leave your emailaddyso let me know what you think. (BTW, I have finished some other special requests so stay tuned for more very, very soon!) HUGZ, ( . )( . ) Equipment: Nikon Coolpix 5000, Photographer: CC's Hubby

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