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CrystalBlondie Greetings! I have found out a wonderful lump of technology that has not only spiced up my voluptuous erotic sexuality..but has been joy joy joy to play with. OUR digital camera! Who would have known that there is a site that amatuers can go to and submit adult themed pictures! I LOVE the spycam site and am having my hubby work on taking some pictures for conformity. In the meantime...I see the crimson cloud site is a little more graphic so I am sending you three pics...I thought they were pretty erotic. and a little naughty..maybe mischievous enough for the voy-zone site? Remember..Im a I am not sure if thats what you are looking for?? anyway..I go by the name of "CrystalBlondie" ..I am daring, sensuous, and love to have joy. My greatest asset...huh..MY Light-haired is wild and unforgiving...and it truely reflects my daring nature!!! I will contiue to view the pics on your glance and see if I can get some taken that are suitable for voyuer..I see so many woman with superb professional!! Thanks for the awesome site and entertainment...and the chance to hopefully post some pictures!! p.s the last one is just a photo of me...and of course that blonde hair!!! Very likely cant use it for anything but you get the idea of what I look like!! Have a superb day!

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Ummmm, firstly let me say a very warm thank you to all those hot, sexy guys who took the time out to post their very sweet, veritable and sexy comments for me on my last posting. I managed to email all those who left their contact details and it was very nice to hear back from those who I emailed to thank me for the photo I sent to them. As always, I do love the comments and would indeed love to hear more from those who find my photos sexy enough to comment on and in keeping with my promise to email each of you who do post your "kind" words for me with another fastened photo for your viewing pleasure!... Sweet dreams!

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