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Hiya, You know I'm one of those femmes that reads the comments, good, bad and plain gross. Cause I like to know what you want to see. I had a lot of requests from y'all for pictures of me totally Nude... Now I can't do that here, but here is as close as I can get... I did this set the other day involving me, a can of whipped juice and cherries. Now before y'all scroll down, if you don't like the view of a 100% natural doll playin' with whipped juice then I suggest you budge on... So as you requested, here I am naked, keeping it real, just your regular doll next door total of attitude, joy and life, y'all love now. Luv, hugs & chuckles Angel XoX

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Here is the last set, from this years Ball, I have scaned into my computer. Some of these might be to much for free area and finer suited for crimson clouds. If that is the case please post only those that can be put in the freesytle section. To all those pervs who find my posts to be "bad" or "lousy" ( Yea you know who you are ) it is very ironic that you seem to visit each and every time. Not to mention that fact you fail to put an E-mail address down for my response, you are simply dorks. Anyway, these dolls were having way to much joy with each other and I dreamed to share. Please react with your comments, I am not afraid....I will be attending the Fresh Years Ball if it indeed happens so I will have a entire fresh batch for all the Devotees. Enjoy!

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