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Hi everybody. These are various pics from the last duo years. They're a mix of clothed, see-thru, and total nude pics of me. For those that don't know me yet, I am a thirty(something) mom of two kids. I realize that I am older and stronger than the other contributors to this site, but my hubby and I have a lot of joy sending in pics and communicating you all of you. My spouse regularly has me go out in see thru clothes. We both get truly revved on knowing that people can see my breasts as we shop, eat, or travel. Anyway, I will attempt to send all of you other pics if you leave your email. Hope you like...

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Hi all... been a while since we posted. This was a date night we had last fall. Lisa got to sensing wild after a margarita and determined she wished to have some joy in the park. We went to a park with some steps down to the sea. As we went down, she determined to throw her undies in the forest and begin the display. :) when we got mostly to the bottom of the steps (to the picnic table), there was a man fishing at the sea. She told me to sit down, undid my pants, pulled up her micro-skirt even further, revved around and sat down on me. We had romp about 80 feet from this boy fishing. We could see him but he never revved and witnessed us... it was a rush! We included a screen shot of the movie i took of her going up and down on my lap. We hope you enjoy! Lisa loves to post and read comments. (And i choose it when she does so while on my lap) :)

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