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To everyone who commented favorably on The Light in The Window, parts one and two, Thank You for the kind words. To express my thanks, here's the voy-zone Version part one. For those who asked for more explicit work, perhaps this will sate your desires. For those like Asher who are still wondering why these women do this, the reaction is they do it for the venture of it! For those who wonder why they do it for me, it's because I was the very first man to ask adorably, and was fair about what I wished. For those who post negative comments, I truly sense sorry for you, that your lives are so pathetic that the only joy you can find is by attacking the happiness of others of us who are lovin’ our lives. I won't debate the cowards who post anonymously, but I will point out that the proof is here before your eyes. For those who pointed out that the place needs some work, hey, what can I say, it's a rental, I live in a Quarter Million Dollar run down shack! For those who think I work for Kate, all I can say is "I Wish." For those who wish to rent the place across the street, my neighbor says no way! There's another contri coming after this that is even more explicit, but only if there's enough good comments. As for my email it was last seen dancing naked in the moonlight on top of a Winnebago parked on 16th Street, can you guess what city? The very lowkey!

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