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It has been so much joy to see all the 'sexy after 40' submissions (and some of us are 'after 50!). It's proof that you don't have to be 20 to look and perceive good. And we want to thank everyone who left such wonderful comments on our 'Table Top' contribution earlier this month. It was wonderful to hear how many people loved the photos (and the model). So wonderful that we couldn't wait to send you more pix. We desired to attempt something a little different so we borrowed a sheepskin rug and went thru our bag of goodies to see what we could find. The sheer material looked like just the thing to compliment the milky of the rug. We think they revved out pretty good. Let us know what you think and vote if you like them. I'm sure that someone is going to comment and ask how the wool perceived on my skin so I'll reaction that now - it sensed GREAT!!! Bet you can guess what that led to.

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Samantha: Back Seat Queen - So I totally hooked up with the fireman that I went out with that one time. It was a superb night and I have to say I would be totally glad with the dude if it wasn?t for one teensy little problem. The next morning after we hooked up he began talking to me about how he wants to get married and that I would make the flawless wife! WTF?!?!? Whoa there acquaintance, just because I eventually put out doesn?t mean you get to begin thinking about putting a ring on my finger! I am having way to much joy being single now to even get a beau, much less a spouse. So that truly freaked me out, he totally won?t stop calling me either! Still, it is nice to know I still got it! Ok, so I have been reading the comments you all have been leaving and I happened to put something together that I hope you guys will like. I know how everyone on this site likes the ?exposed in public? type pictures, and a lot of you have asked for some fresh ones of me, so hopefully you guys will love these!

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