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45 Year Old Hiking And Camping - Listening to my angel make complaints about her bod, I talked her into posting her SEXY 45 year old figure. She says I am bias. Her figure drives me NUTS...maybe I am bias? But at 45 year old, she is HOT!!!!! I think she has done well with workout and diet in keeping her form! These shots were taken in a state park camping grounds, there was Two major pathways, one on each side of our site, with other campers walking to the sand, as well as other campers beside us She determined to have a afternoon nap in one of my tee-shirts, with the campfire going and the sun striking down, leisurely the tee-shirt came off hehehe with a little help from me. The others were from a hiking trail at the park.

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Nikki and I stayed up late playing pool with my best friend and his wifey. A few drinks afterward we commenced making bets. If Nikki makes the shot she gets $100 bucks! If she missed she had to take off an article of clothing. She was actually lucky and hit her shot for $100. Then my mate J pulled the dual or nothing stir and she embarked missing shot after shot till she was shooting pool in only her high heels! She got vengeance off webcam afterward when J was wasted she bet him two times that he could not make a shot. She dispersed him and he missed. You can hear him making complaints at the end sitting outside with me looking in at naked Nikki by the pool table bitching about how he lost $200 bucks. Lol!

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