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Well, last time we sent some photos, Claudia was still determining if we would make a threesome... so the chance came, while we were being visited by a friend. We were watching TV, it was summer and we already were with light clothes. Claudia went to take a bathroom, and came back only with a towel. After a while, we were smooching and the towel fell , flashing her magnificent bod to our friend. At very first, he got a little ashamed, but when we commenced to have romp in front of him, he leisurely approacched, and briefly Claudia was grabbing his dick and slurping it. Our friend always said that Claudia had a beautiful arse, and now it was time for him to penetrate it with his dick. Claudia had two hard-ons inwards her at the same time, she loved it and now she is always asking when we?ll do it again.

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Okay so this might not be what you think... It's not Scully in restrain bondage gear or taut leather pants but Scully in Mulder's old black leather jacket from high school. Somehow she agreed to sundress up as a bad-ass biker chick. She even painted her screws and lips bright crimson, put on a bandana and let me cut up a pair of old jeans cut-offs. Don't let the 5'4", 105 lbs petite framework idiot you... she's got two times the punch of a Harley Davidson. (and she just flipped her eyes at me) Thanks again to all the people who leave the nice messages; we read every single one. We particularly like to hear from couples that might want to exchange pictures. Hope you all enjoy! (our apologies to all the REAL biker chicks out there)

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