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Thanks for all the very nice comments on earlier contris (99.9% anyway). Sorry we can't reaction every one personally, what with Two kids and work and an unrelaiable ISP, but we'll attempt. To response some of the most common questions now: * Alana is a former model and dancer -- so the sensational lengthy gams and fit figure. These days, it mostly yoga, swimming and walking on the playa. And good genes. * Five foot 7 (170 cm) * 40 yo * no, she won't permit her face to be shown -- too good a job to lose (tourism and travel industry) * of course she swallows! Now to proceed The Supreme Debate: should Alana be trimmed or unshaved -- what do you think? (Next contris to come: close-up and puffy; Alana doggy-style. Any other suggestions?)

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Thanks to all the encouragement from viewers of this terrific site which HoneyBrenda got on September 16, we are back with a fresh camera with some shots for voy-zone. HoneyBrenda is a loving mistress with grandchildren, a woman total of joy and who has a big, big heart, not to mention her corporal allurements which you can see for yourselves. HoneyBrenda has her regular beau and another occasional paramour, and besides, I like for her to love herself and her attractions as much as possible, she turns me on telling me about her affairs. I only see her once in a while, my philosophy is to love excellent joys with temperance, so they will last longer. So, sans more ado, here is my peach HoneyBrenda once again. Enjoy!

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