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Ultimately Got Bra-less Pics - She said she was hot and would get comfy on the couch while I had a bathroom. Had no idea I was going to see her "scorching hot" when I got out. I was dying to get her very first bare-chested picture, and she knew it. Took some serious begging and negotiation before I could get the very first shot. Basically agreed to make myself available to her for any caprice, errand, or chore that she sees fit for a month. She admits she had it all planned out and is loving every 2nd of it, but she also admits it excited her to pose nude; We've had the best time this month since our honeymoon years ago. The camera will certainly be out again briefly, but after all the work it took to get these, I just had to display a few of them to someone!

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Hi everyone. Once again Kate, thank you for this awesome site. I just can't tell you how much joy hubby and I have had here looking at the beautiful women, talking on the BB and even meeting a few of the ladies here. Sailor, thank you so much for you wonderful comments in the past. These are just some pics hubby took of me the night before we were meeting a duo of the naturist beauties. We had a blast playing and fantasizing about the next day, which was INCREDIBLE! Anyway, we hope everyone likes the pics and don't leave behind to comment. I love reading them, peculiarly from the ladies. To all of you who left such kind comments on my last contri...thank you very much. Smooches,

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