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Hi Everyone!! Wished to say thanks to Kate and all of the nudist/nudistcrew, that I can post my pictures here, and all of the fantastic pee-lovers out there for the superb comments on my last pee-contri.Today some pics from the morning..... i need to piss after the very first cup of coffee and i liked to flash you this. For those they don't like this pics: please don't look... and hit "next contri" button. Hold your negative comments. I post the pictures for the pee-lovers not for collecting bad and rude comments about my person. The peelovers can find many, more on my site and I update the site every week with a fresh set of pictures. I hope you like the Pics. Smooches Susy

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*RP Bunny - Joy at The Fair Hi, I'm Bunny and I can't believe I'm doing this. I have NEVER, EVER done anything like this before. My spouse goes to your site all the time and he has always desired to take my pictures and put them on the internet, but I always said, "NO WAY." Lately tho', I make him glad by displaying myself in public for him, ever so slightly, letting my panty display or wearing my overalls liberate, so he can see them. I know other people see too, and that turns him on and I guess me too, a little. I hope that you like these. If I win this contest, we're buying a fresh camera(we had to borrow this one from our neighbor) and you can count on many more entries. Please let me know what you think. I have many more pictures of the fair, peculiarly on the Ferris Wheel. Love, Photo Comments: Pic 1 Getting Ready. I'm glad I trimmed. Do you like it? Pic Two A view from behind and of my little g-string Pic Trio We walked around the fair for a while looking for a good spot. Do you like my lollipop? Pic Four This is what you got to see before I took them off. Pic Five Here goes. I was so jumpy. There were so many people and they were wondering what my spouse was taking pictures of. Pic Six OK, my undies are off and in my pocket. Do you see them? Pic 7 I undid my overalls so you could get a good look. Do you like? Pic 8 Sorry it's blurry. He took it while we walked around. Many guys were looking and some women. It kind of revved me on. How bout you? Pic Nine A nicer view. I don't mind if people look. Is that OK? Pic Ten A final shot. I wasn't so jumpy anymore. I hope you liked them. Let me know

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