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Hiya Kate and team, Thanks for all the wonderful responses to Lora Goes Public. This set is the 2nd part of that joy evening. These pics are a little different than most of mine. They are more snapshots and spontaneous shots...not posed. Hope eveyone likes them.The very first two are self portraits in the car on the way from the park to the mall. Number Trio and Four are me packing up, hehe. Numbers Five, Six and 7 are at the mall. Number Six is my individual beloved, the door was about to open, lol. I'd love to hear from all my old friends out there and some fresh ones too! Observe for a set shortly with a fresh friend, Amy. I eyed her in Nude in Public and just had to meet her... Smooches,

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I was astonished at the response to my last contribution. From the feedback here and emails thru my site, it was reassuring to hear that some people appreciate my duality: My attempts at pulling off a serious sexier look, which takes fine effort (and has varying success), and also my goofy/dorky side, which sadly comes all too natural! LOL. This summer I've been somewhat of a recluse, so I fear the dorkier part has taken over! University starts shortly, so I'm attempting to reclaim some seriousness. So it was with fine effort that I attempted to pull off these pics, which hopefully are less goofy and with any luck, a little sexy. (Fingers crossed)

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