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Kate and squad, Timid Rene isn't so bashful anymore. It's been almost a year since Bashful Rene very first posted in Private shots. We took a road excursion north a few weeks ago and Rene killed time and boredom by flashing truckers all the way there. Well she got so HOT that after we checked in to the motel she just couldn't stop. Very first in the pool, and then the balcony, then the bar, then back by the pool for some nudistshots. sending in Trio parts, Road journey, Motel, and RC. She would love comments from all you guys and gals out there, if good, maybe she wont wait another entire year to send more. The balcony and pool area were in plain view of about 200 windows and I know that the flash was drawing a lot of attention, you wouldn't belive how many people came down by the pool while we were swimming the next morning to say hi. Throw our e-mail addy out the window on your next road tour.

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Molly On The Boat In B&W - Earlier this summer we posted a message on the Spycam and Exhibitionist bb asking if anyone had any suggestions/offers of interesting places to take photos. One of the friendly locals suggested to take us out on his charter fishing boat so one beautiful Saturday morning we headed for the bay and a photo escapade. The idea of getting naked in front of someone we?ve never met before was a little scary and very titillating. Our hats (and Molly?s clothes) go off to the wonderful captain who was a flawless gent and a superb skipper. We took a ton of photos that morning and it was hard to choose. These aren?t B&W photos ? we?re talking about the garbs Molly has on. There will be another set with some more colorific garb.

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