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Goldilocks, Goldilocks, let down your hair...Ah, dammit - Rapunzel, but you get the drift. Here's a quick examine for aficionados of natural strawberry blondes - took her time to get naked, did goldilocks, and had her own hairy man with her to rubdown. ===================================== There was something in the air that day - me - and a gale force wind but overall she was a nice surprise on a quiet fall playa. As usual, I don't shoop the shots or pay clones to pose so if there's not Ten with succulent bits on view make your mark and I'll spin the missing to the asking; There are no numerous personalities scrabbling about for yankee dollas - there's only one Sandfly ;)

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I'm fairly blessed that so many people appreciated the philosophical movie quote in my last contribution. At University, I have been making an effort to apply a lot of what I have been studying. I find it remarkable that such ordinary statements can influence my overall outlook on things. I am not sure whether to laugh or be jumpy at some of the comments about my style of sundress, however. In that regard, I adhere to another quote from a wise man who once said, "if you want to sense funky, perceive free." LOL. Gravely, I think it's evident that I have ZERO style sense! This is what I was wearing the other day when my flatmate began providing me a hard time by reading aloud some of the comments I'd received here and thru my site, basically about how I sundress sometimes. Looking at these pictures, I fear that my wardrobe all but spells out that I was raised in a sheltered environment with minimal access to style tips! Gratefully, one of my far more stylish acquaintences has suggested to go shopping with me, and once final exams are done, I may be able to scrape together the money. I reckon it should be a serious priority, because I need to attempt a nicer impression on that boy I was watching last year. For the past week, I've been thinking about how I'd fancy another go with him and I even found myself masturbating to all those flicks I took with him that are on my site. I figure that if decent style advice is what it takes, or it would increase my chances of more happening, then I'm in favor of it! Looking ahead, my summer is truly going to need a few bright spots!

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