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I often get asked where I get the ideas for my pictures. The response is... I pay attention. I listen to what people say and I see their reactions. In this case, my idea came from Kate so if you like it, thank him! I don't think he has given "white cottons" a fair rap. Sure, they aren't slinky and unveiling, but we wear sexy clothing to help us Sense sexy... not to MAKE us sexy. What indeed matters is how we perceive - the attitude we project, not what we look like on the surface. The right attitude can make even "white cottons" show up sexy. I hope that you love my attitude here. :-) And as we go thru the holiday season, I hope each of you can look beyond the surface to find what indeed matters in your life too. Blessed Holidays!

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Hi redclouders. Sally and I are glad that there are people who still care to see more of us. Actually, people want to see more of Sally but, she is very timid about SOME of the requests. We submit to e-contri also and have had some nasty comments there, as well as here but, we are too excited about getting thinner AND submitting pics while the weight loss occurs to let some jerkoffs stop us. Plus, the encouragement of the kinder, gentler people have spurred us along as well. We will submit as often as we can. And to the next round of jerkoffs......."yeah, I know my hard-on is no monster, I've had itforjust timid of 31 years but, what the hell are YOU doin' starin' at my penis anyways, eh ?? Well, ifyou Sense nicer about YOUR jizz-shotgun now, that's all that is important." =oP ............. =o)

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