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Hi guys and gals. It has been a lengthy time since our last contri, but we are now "on the road again"...!!!! We know most of you like our contris and for the other ones, just pass to the next one...!! Here is the Story for this serie of Five contris : we were contacted by mail by a duo. For her bday, this youthfull damsel wished to ba group banged by Four or Five guys who will manhandle her as much as they can anywhere they dreamed. As you understand, we don't know how to say NO to a 22 years old chick from the Vanuatu Islands....!!!!! Comments are welcome Have joy and Protect yourself. .

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Hello! I'm back with some pictures we took this week - I'm 13 weeks preggo and it's commencing to show! We took advantage of the sunshine in the conservatory for some more natural shots. Thank you for all your positive comments, and because I'm obedient, we've taken on-board what you lot want to see... so less clothes (actually, mostly none - blush!) and for you nudistpeople, I've been more explicit for you with open gam shots (blush again!). We hope you love looking as much as we did taking… This is my 2nd baby, and as you can see, no spread marks from the very first - so don't worry that my figure will get 'ruined' as some of you commented. I still produce a lot of milk from my very first but my breasts seem to be getting even larger, and my puffies too - and apart from my tummy which is widening, my labia are growing too - what's that all about!? I do attempt to reply to all your comments, but having a youthful and growing family restricts the time we can spend on-line, so sorry if we miss you. Bye for now! By the way, I got Andrew to comment on the pics - I'm his muse after all!

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