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Hi, Some more photos from our last excursion.

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well guys sorry to say this is definately the end of the road. we have both mainly liked posting on here over the years but now time to call it a day. for those that have liked us many thanks and good health to you. the main reason we are stopping are the enhancing number of negative comments.....i guess these are mainly from guys who cant even get a woman let alone post on here. very sad that you guys spoil it for the rest....why be negative, why not just budge on and find the type u like???? one last round of indeed truly whorish comments for liz would be a excellent thanks and farewell bounty guys x many thanks

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Vecinita En La Piscina - Ya se nos est?n acabando las ideas para los textos de comienzo (que tambien tienen su interes)... y aun nos quedan Four sesiones mas que publicar. DADNOS IDEAS We no longer have inspiration to write here... and we still have at least pics for Four more contris. GIVE US IDEAS Disfrutadlas... votadnos superb... y si no os gustan, dejaros de joder la marrana y no escribais sandeces... que si os vieran vuestras chicas... pensarian que ademas de desagradecidos encima no sabeis como convencer que ellas posen. ME ENCANTAN LEER COMENTARIOS AGRADABLES, ESMERAROS Y TENDREIS REGALO Love the pics... vote for us... and if you dont like what you see go for next contri... as we dislike to read importunate messages of people whose gfs pity them for not being able to woo them to post, and for being ungratefull. I LOVE TO READ NICE COMMENTS OF MY Assets. iT MAKES ME TELL emi TO UPLOAD MORE.

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