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Amy - A Wind Of Switch - Friends say I have a prick up my... mmm, say, my soft rear side LOL And sometimes I have to admit they're right. Every now and then I get this experiencing. A yearning of some sort. For a switch. I abruptly want to switch my job, stir to another city where nobody knows me, commence from scrape and just do bimbo things. Like cut my hair real brief, or run a drastic revision of my wardrobe. At such times my female friends can sport my dearest chunk of jewelry or a fashionable pair of footwear. AND Damn, they always take advantage of it :) There's one thing that can put off the upcoming seizure - going to a bookstore. Memo to me: Bookstore. Tonight! :)

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My wifey Morgan is back! We truly appreciate all the supreme support she has received, but if she isn't your type please hit the back button now. She found the sweetest set of bunny ears and modeled them with some sexy milky stockings, see-through undies, and one of her loveliest nighties. I think this set will fulfill many requests for her fans! We have attempted our best to react with at least a message to all those who left an e-mail address on her former contris, so please make sure you leave a valid address. Also, there's no point in commenting if you don't include your e-mail address. Don't be a wimp; after all, she is plucky enough to flash all for free here on nudist! And please don't leave behind to vote. - her loving hubby

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