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Hi Y'ALL!! We hope everyone had a fine Fresh Year's and 2012 is treating you well! 2011 was a good time for us. Over the past 8 months we have had good joy submitting here at HC and the response has been amazing. Many of you have been asking for longer clips. Normally we submit only less than Trio minutes as we choose higher movie quality rather than quantity. Naturally it is hard to fit so much hot group lovemaking into inbetween Two to Three minutes of a movie clip. Considering we have nothing fresh for you this month we thought we would send a compilation from all our mind deepthroating encounters made up mostly of clips that hit the cutting room floor. This clip is all about the joy we had over the past year or so and also attempting out making "longer" vids for you who asked for it. Kitty's gf has been in Cuba visiting her family for almost a month now but we have plans shortly to hit VEGAS when she gets back! So keep an eye out..we will get that in as shortly as we can. We love you guys, the comments good or bad are always welcome and thanks again for all the votes making us the big winner here in 2011!! This compilation is for you - hope you like!! TTYL

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Hi to everyone at naturist and particularly all of my dedicated aficionados that leave me wonderful messages in every post. As always I appreciate your kind words very much and I will react. Since my dearest season is coming to an end I dedicated this set to the end of Summer. It was a joy day at the strand and we brought the camera along to make it more interesting. There were way too many people on the playa (and lots of families too) so we couldn't take pics right there. We did take these not too far from the strand and there was slew of people around!! I know some people witnessed me, but it was at a distance. These were so much joy to do I can't wait until next summer to proceed it. I Hope that you all enjoy!! Love and Smooches,

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