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Hi naturist viewers! I just desired to thank everyone for being so supportive of my contris…, THANK YOU with smoochies on top, hehehe! Ceallach has been suggesting a bunch of places that you would never hope to see a sexy lady. When he mentioned a scrap yard I was intrigued, but when we got there I became very excited! There were people every where, and I mean every where. More than a few times we were unaware of anyone around until a part crashed to the ground or a rusty door creaked open, usually within a car or two of us. I was the only female among 100-plus guys, and more than once a lucky salvage hunter came across an “unexpected find!” We hope you love our take on the sexy lady in an unusual location theme! Smoochies, Pequena

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Greetings Kate & Friends, Time for another contri and today's is lucky number 13. Yes, time flies and we are up to # 13 and slew more waiting in the wings. We have made lots of friends here at the PrivateShots area and appreciate all the comments left on the BB. We are also big admirers of the voy-zone area. Anne has had several movies posted at nudistand the viewers are always generous with there compliments. So, if you get a chance check out voy-zone it's a excellent site. We would love to hear from you and all comments left on the BB are welcome. Thanks again Kate for this wonderful site and would you please label this contri Anne N # 13.

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