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Lilly - 3rd Times A Charm! - With all my love, again; thanks for your wonderful comments, and notably your votes! I never spotted that coming with my very first voy-zone set. I was reading some E-mails too before I went to sofa the other day and it gave me an idea. I wished to give you all a little bedtime showcase for all you guys who would like to caress one out for me before you go to sofa ; ) When I indeed thought about what to wear lots of things popped up in my head mainly indeed clich? undergarments garbs and then I thought?.ya know I owe it to you all to keep it real? I?ll be fair I don?t own the hooker straps or swanky crotchless undies or even a French maid outfit- (though I do think that is truly cute)? If anything I want to give you all an idea of what I would wear on any night of the week before all my clothes end at the bottom of the sofa

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Hi Kate, Jerry, Asher, Blue and RC'ers. Wow, we can't believe it's been Six years!!!! We determined to go thru our files and revisit some wonderful couples we've met over the past Five years, all of them, thanks to RC. Whether fellow contributors, chatters on the BB, or viewers who attended soirees hosted by Kate and the group, ALL of them have a connection to this site. We have had the chance to live out so many fantasies and make superb friendships. I hope we have made a compilation which reflects the erotic joy and excitement we have experienced over these past few years. We attempted to make just one contri but there was no way to share our friends and expereinces in only one set. So this is part one. Smooches, Nina

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