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Hi! guys I met paul at his motel and had lots of joy. I also got lots of cum! mmmmmm! you guys know how I love jizm. we also got a supreme vidio of all the joy . as a matter of fact paul was the 2nd boy I met that day. I also met a dude in the park earlier in the day and sucked his manstick till he shot a big fountain of jism in my mouth. I put it all on the same vidio that will be in my site briefly. what a excellent day. I'll post the park pics up next time. I love to here from you guys and I know you know how to get in touch with me by now but if you don't just click on the link to the right and get on my free message board. I promise I'll response you!

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Here are more photos of Sunita taken a while ago. She still is as horny as hell. Met her at a function for the Centre . These are the photos taken after the function. Spent a few days with her and as you can see, she has a supreme assets mainly due to her chinese-indian parentage. She was game for the photos to be taken and these are the result of a wonderful time we both spent together. By the way, she is Bisexual, and in the afterward photos you can see her in a group session and 3some as well. I Hope all of you liked the pic of Sunita , it's been a lengthy time and all i have are these memories with her. Never knew that some could touch me so much like her, wish all of you knew her like I did. Take care Sunita. These pic are the last Trio some that we had together. I have other pic, maybe some day I will post them, just as a reminder.

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