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Hi everyone at voy-zone! Last week Jake and I drove South to meet the super-sexy Nikki. On our way down we spotted this truck with a very familiar logo on the back, hmmm. As we approached we realized it was the naturist logo written into the filth on the back door!! haha! We just had to get a picture and thought it would be nice to rewardthe driverfor his effort. Judging from his smile in the pic I guess he liked what he witnessed. This revved me on so much that we got off the next exit and took a few pics on the roadside. Did I mention we were on our way to meet Nikki??...hehe. Many photos from that visit will follow! Stop by my site if ya like: http://amateurs.voy-zone.com/katiakit/Katia_Splash.htmkisses, Katia Kit. Please don't post email. Thanks!!!

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