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Hi Kate. A few more of Sally. One viewer who posted a nice comment on the BBgot a copy of these a few days back. A smallish comment : I have come to the conclusion that one of two thingshave happened i) the doom merchants who said that the computers will oneday be more intelligent than the humans who use them have been proved corrector ii) there is a subset of the human species that has returned to the primalooze from which we are supposed to have come; the reason I have come tothis conclusion is the number of comments asking "where is the redcloud section"on the BB. It is there people and I find it a bit sadthat there are those of you who cant work it out... for the rest of youthe set that goes after on from that below has gone to Zak for inclusion inred cloud. For the real abusers of this site who wish to criticise Kate &Co.,my message is don't bother. Get a life and go and manhandle a spammer or something.Kate will go down in history as a pioneer and a webmaster legend : Two millionhits a day (ok smallish exageration) cannot be wrong.Enjoy. I did.

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This is Michelle. She very first showed up in Private Shots in February in a contribution called Sweetheart Michelle @ Eighteen & 42. We had a bet about how many comments she would receive. I won! This contri is the result. She received over 100 comments, which made her so hot that this session ensued. Part two will showcase one the many orgasms. She loves the comments, and good comments will bring more good pictures. Don't make me lose this round. You don't want to see my picture (laff). Thanks to Kate, Sailor and all our friends at naturist. This is so much joy. ps Sorry for the blurring but you have to understand. We're not pros here!

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