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I would like to say hi to everyone at the naturist office, as well as all the nudist/nudistviewers and wish you all a very safe and glad holidays! This is how Mark and I have been keeping warm this winter and we are lovin’ every miniute of it. I hope you will all love this contri of me lovin’ the experiencing of penis in my mouth, but we had been at the bar all night, I met this truly nice youthfull Nineteen y/o nymph ( I'll display ya afterwards ) and I was pretty sexually aroused. We were all toasted, and I was not about to take advantage of that fact, so I took her home ( like a good nymph ) and went home and luved Mark instead... after all he is not realy permitted to fight back. he did say "I do" and "till death do us part" so ... lmao jizm by my site and see what we are up to at this moment on webcam. Licks & Smooches Cya soon!

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Howdy again Kate and team and all the nudist'ers. There's not much of a story to tell with these shots... I was running late for work one morning and determined since I was already behind schedule... ;-)~ might as well have a little joy. So, I grabbed the camera and tripod, opened the blinds, and proceeded to make myself Immensely late as opposed to moderately late!! *LOL* I was reluctant to post after looking at all the top contri's!! BRAVO everyone!The quality and content is excellent. But, this is alot of joy for me and I truly love reading the comments.. (another way of voicing addiction) *L* Thanks... and I hope you enjoy!

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