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This set arose from a suggestion from a Crimson Clouds viewer for a "world's first" facial cumshot from a woman on a man. Of course it isn't a worlds very first, most guys who have had the pleasure of being with a woman who squirts will have had the pleasure of this also. This is Waterfall cuming and squirting over my face following an ecstatic eating from me - this is not piss - notice how clear her juices are. Waterfall is standing arched over the drown and I am sitting on the floor. If you have problems with the picture quality I suggest you attempt and hold a movie camera one passed, constant and pointed in the right direction while a woman bucks and glides across your mouth and face. These pics are intense not pretty so I posted one extra to remind you that she's not a bad looker either. You'll see lots more of Waterfall at I will have posted some fresh pics by the time these go up. We're still looking from a woman to share some joy with Waterfall in Australia / Fresh Zealand. Howdy again Sailor, thanks for your ever friendly comments..

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Thought I'd share. Came home from the bar a few months ago to find my roomy passed out on the couch. Was going to go to couch, so I went to his room to shut off the lights - I found his gf on his sofa, passed out too, as you can see (I think she's Twenty-one or 22 - I've only met her a fw times). I figured this was a one-in-a lifetime chance so I grabbed my camera. She didn't wake up, so I got braver. Got too plucky, tho', with the 2nd last pic, she mumbled and spinned over, which is when I got the last pic and took off! My only regret is that I still don't know what her tits look like. That and the fact that I Truly want to fuck her now every time I see her.

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