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Hi, my name is Phil, and I live in Yorkshire, UK. These photos are self-portraits, with the backgrounds liquidated, that I provide sometimes for artists where I model nude. If youhave loved my photos, please leave your comments and also e-mail address if you would like me to write" Photo 1 - Front raw nude I took after a bathroom to display the effect of water on skin Photo Two - Humid nude rear Again taken after a bathroom to flash the effect of water on skin Photo Trio - Perspective view rear This self-portrait I took to display what an influence perspective has, life classes find these views very requesting to draw

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I live two blocks away from the junior school that Skyye goes to every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Here are more pics from the day that Skyye suggested to give me a rail home. She was on her way to her class, and during some very open chit-chat, Skyye had mentioned that she hadn't had fuck-a-thon in a lengthy time. I reminisce her hinting to me that she had been very horny lately. She took my forearm and put it inbetween her gams as she was driving. I love that about her, she's so open. So I reached in my pocket and took out my camera. I asked her if she would mind pleasing herself for me while I snapped away. She taunted me for a while, and then went right to it.

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