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Welcome to the 2002 issue of the naturist Yearbook, where you can see many of your faves from the naturist campus, including teachers, administrators, and staff members. Browse thru it with us, and see what we've been up to lately! Lacy has become famous for dangling around Principal Heels' office as Lacy is in need of extra discipline. An avid learner, Lacy seeks extra tutoring in many subjects including art, chemistry, hook-up education and after-sport hygiene. She emerges to be a voracious reader as well, spending many after-school hours in the library. Some believe Lacy will never graduate. Love your fresh yearbook, and please don't leave behind to sign our memory pages!

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*Gg Eve: My Very first Time Ever With A Girl! Hey there We have actually had this in the works for a while. You guys might all recognize Larkin from her photos (she sends in here too), I have actually known her for a lengthy time and I have always thought she was the sexiest thing on two gams. So when she suggested we do a shoot together I leaped at the chance. I have never done anything with another woman, well not much anyway, so this was kind of a very first for me. I am attempting to woo her to be on our site more. I think I just about have her wooed. Anyway these are just a few of the photos we took together. I get revved on just looking at them!

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