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Hi Guys, Some of you, who spotted my preceding contris knows I like sunbathing on the balcony. It was a lovely morning and I took an chance to catch some sun while my hubby was still sleeping. Usually it’s is unlikely to wake a man up (you know what I mean), but not this time. Dudes have some sort of intuition. They might be sleeping, lounging unconsciously on a sofa in intensive care until they sensed a naked woman nearby. 2nd afterwards they are on their feet with eyes broad open. Guys, how do you do that?!!! Good he managed to grab the camera on the way to the balcony. Now I can share the moment with you. I have to say I had a dual pleasure watching the sea and sensing something sliding inbetween my gams. Of coarse he was generously rewarded and next week you’ll see how.

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Everyone has always told me that time flies by at a quicker and quicker rhythm as you get older, but I've never believe them. Since I've been at University, I've leisurely embarked to accept the idea. I have gotten a lot of emails thru my site with helpful photography tips, and there have also been some excellent pointers in the feedback section here as well. Many have mentioned that the photos I took in the bathroom last year were some of their faves, and I cannot believe it has been a year since. I have been obsessing about my assets form and weight as of late, so I compelled my flatmate to take some fresh photos in the same setting so I could compare my growth and progress with my sport program. Actually, I am pleasurably astonished that I have lost some of my baby fat and am beginning to take on a womanly physique. It's nice to know that I am only a few years behind the curve! Earlier in my teenagers, I sensed a bit left out because and I was certified late bloomer! I think that's why I can be so boy crazy and frustrated sometimes (especially about the boy I was watching who I did all those flicks with up on my site). Until recently, I just sort of assumed guys weren't indeed interested in me that way. I have to give a heartfelt thanks to Kate, and all of you of course, for this outlet. It's certainly helped my somewhat fragile self-esteem ease into the idea that my assumption might've been wrong. :)

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