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I spent a week in Florida and didn't see a soul who recognized me or at least nobody said so this time around which I think is a very first since I began posting my pictures. We took some time to love Apollo strand and dreamed to share the pictures. There was one dude who just kept swaying at hubby from a distance while he was taking my pictures and he like fairly a few of the other guys there were too hilarious as they would get within about 50 feet then sit and just stare. Are we that unapproachable or? We truly freaked out a adorable duo when I went up asked them to take a picture of the hubby and me it took them a minute but then we could tell they got kittled by the request. Hope they see their handy work here and for everyone else who observed us hope you liked too, I'll be back soon! Recall I always attempt to react to every one who leaves a valid email, xoxox

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Here are some pictures of me and my boy friend. We both get excited at the prospect of displaying off over the web. Thank you Crimson Clouds for the best site on the net! Besides showcasing off ourselves in preceding contributions, we have also luved meeting many wonderful friends via the comments on your BB. We have also shared/exchanged some of our own private collection of photos with a few kind folks. Because my boy friend always taunts me about my being ready and very willing to do anything sexual, label this contribution "hot to trot" (he calls me that about 100 times a day) as this posting will be a surprise to him.

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