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Continuing from my prior contribution - I'll never ask you guys to pick my date again! haha! Geez, things just got more interesting. I've never had a stalker before. Thanks a lot you guys! About a week ago, I got a phone call from him - I didn't response, hoping he would take the hint. About 20 seconds afterward, a knock at my door. Looking thru the peep-hole, he's standing on my door step calling my celly. Oh boy! Panick! I didn't do anything, just stood there. Eventually after about Two minutes, I go to my front window, and guess who's standing there looking in. Can you spell Stalker? He asked me right away, "why don't you reaction your door?" All I could say is, "why are you in my bushes!???!!!!!!! Oh wow.

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Katrina, 22 years old, originally from CA, living in Boston. This is my very first time on voy-zone, so forgive me if my pics aren't as explicit as the other femmes. No, I'm not your typical skinny site doll, but I am spunky, and ready to put smiles on all of your faces. I was inspired to do this by my good friend Yasmin, who you can also find on voy-zone (haven't seen her on nudistjust yet). I also have another friend who truly likes looking at all these hot amateurs who can be found on this site. her name is Corrie, so look for her on here briefly. I've ultimately wooed her on how supreme it senses to share pics with such an awesome audience. Anyhow, I'll be back on naturist briefly. Hope u like!

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