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I've collective my wifey many times with lots of guys over the years, but for the very first time the other night I observed her aggressively entice a friend, while I just sat back and observed. What made it even more unusual is that my wifey tends to be obedient, and also how quickly it all happened. We didn't plan it, but when he displayed up at the door, my wifey instantaneously sat down beside him on the couch, and put her arm in the genitals of his pants. The pictures tell the rest of the story, which ended in a fully naked Sixty-nine. Meantime I observed, hard and horny as hell, and took photos and the three of us luved the idea of sharing these pictures and this story on voy-zone. It was an erotic embark to our friend's overnight stay. Enjoy!

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Hey Everyone! My name is Logan, and I have been a devotee of voy-zone for a lengthy after calmly checking this site out for ever and ever...I eventually determined to total on take the plunge and begin my own site for fun! You have most likely seen my submissions of some of the other damsels I got to pose too (seriously dudeOyou would be astonished how many nymphs secretly indeed want to do something like this...even I didnit hope to find so many)Obut these shots are actually me! I sent some photos to voy-zone that were posted a few days back (see if I do somethingOI truly do it!). I indeed am just a pathological exhibitionist so this all does make sense if you know meOprobably a good way to piss my ex bf off too! Anyway I look forward to reading your comments (be nice please!!!) and as briefly as I get the nuts I will be posting on the message board (Im just reading posts right now)OANYWAYS enough ramblingOI'll shut up now! Love the pictures!

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