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Hey! this is my very first contri. This was a dare that my bf gave me. I had to get a stranger to take pics of me doing anything that he wished. The idea was to tell him that some gfs and I were playing a game to see who could get a stranger to take pics of them. The one with the messiest pics would win. I was revved down by so many people tha I was getting very frustrated. I was going for a group of guys at very first. I ended up with this one 40ish age fellow that did it. He wasn't very pushy and just kept telling me whatever I wished to do was fine. I told him that he had to tell me what to do and I would do it. I was hoping for him to whip it out, then we would have been making pics. Well, these are the pics from this dare and would love to do more and become a regular on this site. Please post your dares for me to do and let's begin this thing off right. I also invite all of the ladies to do the dares too with me. This will be fun!!!!! Include my email and do not blur my face. That doesnt make any sense.

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Diana Gets Gang-fucked in The Park 1 My wifey (pictured) and I went into a state park in the hills above Tucson a few weeks ago for a litte sunbathing (common in this area). While there we began to "get frisky" and have some joy. Shortly we had an audience watching (we were in open view in broad daylight in a public park), and her bieng the way she is (terminally horny) before lengthy she was having some joy with a number of the guys there. Well this went on for about Four hours, in which time she managed to have a total gang-fuck (fucking Ten guys and sucking who knows how many). You can see in the pictures the guys walking by, and then comming up for a turn once they realized she was taking on all CUMMERS. Hope you love observing the pics as much as I loved taking them

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