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Greetings Kate &Crew, As you can see we are back again. Time fly's so rapid and what do we have to showcase for it ????? Well, more pictures!! We have had numerous request for shots of Anne's breast and rear, we hope that this will sate your need for both. Kate, Do you have any fresh plans for the nudist? What can we hope to see fresh in the coming months. I think everyone would like to know. Thanks again Kate for such a wonderful site. It has indeed given the regular person a way to express there sexiness and know there are millions of people out there who sense the same way. So, all you millions please write. We are waiting to read all the comments left on the BB. I believe this to be contri #12, and would you label this Anne N #12.

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This is a go after up to our "Keeping Warm in Wyoming" contribution. We liked all the comments and the wifey truly loves hearing the excellent comments from both women and couples. She attempted to react to all the comments with valid e-mail addresses. She does admit to being disappointed in completing fourth in the February voy-zone' contests, but we shall endeavor to submit an award winning contribution. So we will keep contributing as lengthy as you do your part by voting and leaving comments. We are looking forward to the soiree in Vegas and hope to meet many of the other contributors. As always, we are interested in hearing from other women or couples in our area. Thank you.

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