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Hi, Thank you so much for all the sweet reactions I got on my last two postings. I must warn you there are some urinate shots in this contri again, so if you don't like these kind of pictures, don't look at this contri.. Just too response a few of the remarks made last time sans addy: No our carpet does NOT stink, we got tiles (~_*). "Why do you do this?" well we just love it. "Are you mentally ill" No we are not, we are very healthy but just more open minded then a lot of other people. Attempt and perhaps you might even have to admit you like it. For all of you who like my shots, have joy with them. My moist homepage is at: Here you can also find my e-mail address with geysers of other pictures. If you rather would like to see my dry pages leave a message and I will send it to you by mail. Love and Pisses

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A “friend” of mine told me about this site lengthy ago and now and then I’ve had a look. There are truly a lot of gorgeous women sharing their beauty with us here. Admirable! I like it because it looks like real life. Another female friend sort of got me into shooting nude pictures, so when the very first friend, albeit she is bisexual, commented that more folks had embarked to post, but she desired more, I put one and one together and thought I could give it a attempt. My gf loves observing me nude, but I don’t know what she would think about publishing pics on the web, so I choose to keep this anonymous. But I’d be glad to get comments from all the ladies, if you like, by email. If they are good I share more of my 28 yo Swedish figure. It was a turn on shooting these pics in a lonely motel room in Germany. Turn me on some more! ;-) Love, /K

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