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Cleveland! I never thought I would visit Cleveland! From opening day with the Tigers, we cruised to the NBA playoffs. Guess who's jersey I had to buy? Maybe it's a little snug and brief on me, thoughts? We stayed with some friends, but I couldn't coax her to join in, damn. The "activities" after the game were much more interesting than basketball. I had to go effortless on the furniture...we messed it up a little bit. The folks in the mansion were much more satisfied than the Cavs, when they witnessed my pics! It was the "fee" I had to pay for their hospitality. I hear there is a Stanley Cup may be my next destination. Go Wings?

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I'm pretty fresh to this but have a excellent photographer! I know a lot of guys might not like thicker femmes, but I believe that kinks are classical and I would have loved to have been a pinup chick back in the 40's. I like rockabilly music and flashy but feminine apparels and underwear. I just began posing for pics, and I've gotten pretty kinky by myself so far, and if people like me, I might get a friend or two to begin posing with me too for some nudistpics. If you like these, I have more at . I want to thank my friend Jen for making such a super-cute site for me! Thanks! This is my very first post on naturist hope I did it right!

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