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Here are some more pics of the “lingerie series”. As in my preceding contri, a duo of friends were permitted to look while I posed. Their presence made me so horny that after the very first shots I took off the undergarments and got totally naked. Obviously, my friends seemed to love very much…… Hope you also love and have as joy as my friends, hubby and myself had, both during and after….. the shots! LOL Anche per questo contributo ho permesso advertisement una coppia di amici di assistere alla seduta fotografica. La loro presenza ed eccitazione hanno stimolato il mio esibizionismo. Quasi subito mi sono tolta il reggiseno ed il piccolo perizoma bianco, ed ho continuato a posare completamente nuda. Spero che guardandomi anche voi possiate provare la stessa eccitazione e lo stesso piacere che abbiamo provato noi, durante gli scatti e anche dopo... Non ditementicate di votarmi e di inviarmi i vostri (spero caldi...) commenti.

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WTF with the pixellation on the very first clip? So here's a re-coding and hopefully as good a stream as the naturist can manage. ===================== Still out on the sands as you read, tweeting it all for the amusement of many - get it 'at' theSandfly - and have a chuckle, break the monotony of your day, or just for the sheer vicarious hum. ================== This clip, again, knocked together as a trailer of just some of the glances I have been witnessing right here, right now ===================== Read it all, tweeted by 'theSandfly' on the world's thickest micro-blog, 'at' 'theSandfly' ============= And love the taste of the future to come...

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