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...Julie only uncommonly drinks alcohol so usually drives when we are socialising. When she does a glass of wine is enough to last the night.On the two occasions in the photographs we took a cab into town for a meal and drinks. The two nights are seperated by two weeks the very first evening Julie is only wearing a lengthy jumper and hold up stockings the the 2nd she is only wearing.... a scarf, yes and it was see through!Now Julie as you regulars know is my wifey of 53 and usually wears a lot less on naturist but we just had to share these occassions with you all, we hope you share our joy and please, no unpleasant comments

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Hi, Kate/voy-zone! I have been a visitor to your site for several years. Now I'd like to make my very first contribution. I must admit that part of what spurred me on was the chance to win a prize, I'd buy my own digital web cam with it, instead of borrowing my mummy's. If she only knew what I was using it for! My wife's interest in flashing (and lovemaking in general );) ) has enlargened lately, so here's the story behing the pics. The very first few in our bedroom were taken the very first time we borrowed the camera, several months ago. Then we planned to go out for my bday recently, and I told Kryssy that she'd be exposing herself a lot more than she had ever done before. She said she was up for it, so I "requisitioned" the camera again. After having a few drinks at a dearest bar, we snapped a pic by a stop sign, then a puny mall near where I work, where we could see the cars passing by behind me; followed by a cornfield and a park with a swimming fuckhole nearby. Then we went to another bar, and toyed some pool, where Kryssy flashed me fairly a bit. When she needed to piss I suggested taking some in the men's room, but a stud hammer us there so I followed her into the ladies'. When we left, we took a few more behind the bar. I also have some movie, of Kryssy getting caught naked in the hallway in our room building awhile back, and of her streaking across a thicker, busier parking lot near that last bar on my birthday- I'll have to see if I can get some stills from it. Love the pics, and we welcome any comments!

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