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This is a relatively brief clip (3 minutes) that I edited down from the over 30 minutes of footage. After my very first obedience, I truly wished to attempt to fulfill a few of the requests and go after a few of the suggestions that were made. This was early in the morning when the hubby was at work and the kids were still in couch, or so I thought. I was interrupted by a knock at the door before I was able to get to the best part! I named the entire 30-plus-minute clip, "Unfinished Business." I will be submitting more from that session, and I assure you I will finish the biz. Just dreamed to say up-front that if what you're looking for is an orgasm, you won't find that in this clip this time. But you will find something downright different from my very first contri. Hope you enjoy!

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It's Spring time and I determined to go to the park and take some photos of myself to share. The wind perceived so good fellating against my naked bod, if it were not that I had gotten caught while taking picutres of myself, I would have remained at the park longer today. Just as I was taking my last two pictures, an older woman was coming up the trail, I suspect that she had already seen my goods as they dangled out in utter view of her and she was attempting to close in for a nicer view. Upon spotting her, I quickly grabbed up my clothes and made a quick run for it in the opposite direction, ripping off my underwear in the process. I did go back and get my underwear and as I picked it up, I caught a peek of her turning around and heading back down the hill.

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