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Hey again group, Arianna here again. Very first off, I want to thank everyone for the super supreme comments that were left. And to the few dorks that have nothing nice to say, very first off, look in the mirror before ya call me an gross skank ok... I'm willing to bet you have beer bellies so big you haven't seen your little dick in years! (Ok, I perceive finer now! *lol*) I have a few pics that were requested here for you guys... lets see, I have a fresh butt shot for HG, I know what the last one did to him.. hehehe and a close up of the tattoo for Marbella and one from behind for Snake.. Anyhow, this is getting to lengthy, so to sum it up, love these shots in and out of my little black sundress. Rock on Gang!

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And a big shout out to my local devotees - Brandon from the Desert is my official 650th aficionado (ooh rah - YOU know what I'm talkin' about), Irvine Max, San Francisco Lens (gonna see you this weekend, right), Modesto derf, Bay Area leon and Rancho Cucamonga sinner. And a few more from around the country - Bad Daddy from Alabama; riki and Sky from Florida; Illinois' pieman and Chicago Dane (I know I already said hey, but you were #600 and I left behind to say something.); Iowa Max; Kentucky bigpaganjames; Mir and lefty from Massachusetts; Mike from Maine; Fresh Hampshire Brock; Nevada vegasguy; Oregon Arnie (Are we gonna see you on the Streets of San Fran? Send me your cell # if you're gonna carry it.) and from Washington State Greg M. (how could I possibly have missed telling hey to you G?). And internationally - 3sumcouple, rockyderek and Captain Ron from Canada and lucritiavirgia from Greece.

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