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Continued from part 1 as I was walking around getting my picture taken braless on the bikes I was looking for somewhere to switch. So I walked up to a group of guys and I said to the one boy are any of these bikes yours? he says no mine is back there why? I said I desired to take some pics on a bike and he said well letss go do that then. I walked up to where the picnic table was and said is it ok if I put on my chaps? The fellow said do you want to go in there and do that I said no here is fine. So I look off my mini-skirt then I said is it ok if I don't where my panties? They didn't mind at all. hehehe So I put my chaps on and was ready to go.

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Melody....Friends Do Help - It's April. only Four months into 2006, and I can honestly say I?m not the same person I was in January. I have fresh friends, whom I ADORE, and I detected a LOT about myself. I have fresh friends. I pretty much only suspend out with them when I have the time. They brought me out of my shell so much. They actually care about what I'm telling, and make me perceive like my opinions matter. they give me the time of the day. So life dose go on :)....Just would like to let you know that I have updated my site. Please let me know what you think...Enjoy and keep the Superb votes and comments coming?LOL....

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