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Thanks to all of you for the awesome comments you left for me on my pics from the lake!! I can't tell you how fine you made me perceive. So....I have some more pics from the same NJ vacation. These are from an abandoned campground in and around the cabins. It was VERY sexy playing around in a place that was once crowded with people, but a little bizarre at the same time! Sorry about the face blur, but as I said in my last set, my chief would fire me in a heartbeat if it ever got back to him. I hope you all love. PS - to those who recognized - yes I did send a duo of these shots into the special "welcome" econtri contest last month! xxxoooxxx -

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Jayna was dating a stud for a bit, and it limited how much we could see each other. We dangled out a bunch of times tho (and I got some killer pics and flick for here and my site), but I haven't seen her as much lately. I was looking at these these shots other day, and it motivated me to get ahold of her so we could string up out again soon! I've missed her wonderfully bitchy and dirty side! It's almost jokey that when we very first commenced talking online, I recall her telling me she was truly afraid to attempt anal fucky-fucky and that it had hurt the times she'd attempted it before. After she went down on me for a bit, I told her to begin frigging her bootie and then she got remarkably open after a minute or two--I was even able to get my dick in with no lubricant aside from her drool. When that dried up, she went down on me again and we pretty much went back and forward for awhile before it got too intense for her. You can see it in these stills (the movie is on my site), and she admitted to me afterwards that it shoved her thresholds a bit as far as being dirty and servant but she liked it. It was the very first time she'd ever been indeed fucked up the culo and she was proud of the fact she was able to take it! With any luck, the next time I see her we will be able to see how much further she can go...

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