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Hi Kate, June and others.... I'm sending in these Pictures for the very first time....I want to surprise my spouse, Plus I would love comments from viewers. We check out your site daily....and very love it, it's exciting! Your site is hot....we love the pictures of natural people. I am luving the few....I have seen of guys, wish you had more.....more often. Kate I love reading your have a excellent personality. Please put these in private shots.....and title them....." Yummy ".....please don't display E-Mail Thanks . P.s. Kate you should post pic's of you and wifey. would love to see you both!

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I sent in a preceding set of pictures of myself having phone hump with a viewer (Mr. G) who sent me a calling card for that very purpose. As I said before I am not into the phone thing as I much choose the real deal which I proved to "Mr. G" when I met up with him while recently traveling the East Coast. He wasn't the best photographer so once again I am sorry the picture quality didn't turn out as good as the joy. I thought maybe it was the camera so I took of one of him which I included in this set and it came out just fine. But yes, we had slew of orgasmic delights anyway I not only astonished myself but the hubby too with my boldness! Mr. G. you were such a gent and more generous than any one could ever ask for. Thanks a million, again!!! Love the pictures everybody. xoxox I attempt to react to every valid email.

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