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Deep down, I always knew I had a very wild, adventurous side that I wasn’t fully convenient in exploring.….until now! My beau makes me sense beyond sexy and at ease with anything! I never imagined loving the things we have done. This is the beginning of a series of pictures he took when we got home after I picked him up from the airport. You can’t imagine how humid I got standing next to all these people knowing I had nothing on. I practically attacked him in baggage claim. I wasn’t fairly sure about the camera at very first but as you can tell from the pictures….it didn’t take lengthy for me to warm up……. PS. If you fellows and ladies (I truly want to probe that side) like what you see….let me know….. Oh…sorry for not flashing my face…hope you don’t mind. xxoo

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It was a scorching 105 degree day when we found this lovely spot just down stream from the dam. The place was just so tranquil with the sounds of the water rushing down the spillway, the birds in the trees, the immense blue sky above and all that beautiful sun hammering down on my skin! While lounging down in the water, with my ears below the surface, I was amazed at the symphony of sounds I could hear.... Thorn suggested that Handel's famous 'Water Music' was very likely inspired by the same practice, but admitted that watching me laying there gave him a different kind of inspiration!! ('Ain't he sweet!!'). Covering my head with the material created kind of a cocoon, and seemed to heighten the perceiving of being totally at peace with nature. A experiencing reinforced when a dragonfly landed on me which can be seen in one of the pictures. I am glad we had the camera and took these pictures as I will now have a beautiful warm place to recall when winter is upon us. I hope that come winter thinking of days like these will do the same for you.

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