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This is the final set of the pair (I posted the entire set to my finish sexual journal as GangBangMomma). You won't get these ANYwhere else, not even the competition, and I hope you like them! As I said in part one, the crimson lace undies and the dildoes in my butt (as well as the manstick pic on the computer) are ALL special requests from my aficionados. Now that I'm a full-time exhibitionist, I want to do something nice for you! Leave a nice comment with superb vote and a valid email address, and I'll send you something nice! I'll even tell you how you can fuck me north of Cincinnati, if you can meet me for an hour or two! For now, unzip... get a grip... and let 'er rip, Spanky! Loves and smooches - GangBangMomma (aka STCL)!

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